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Candy Baron Purple Lollypops

Candy Baron Purple Lollypops

Candy Baron Purple Lollypops

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Back in the day purple flat heads were almost always the first to disappear when friends or family brought over a bag of lollypops. To start off our new candy line we've smashed them down into little ..


Great little store with a huge selection of products.
Staff are always friendly and down to earth.

Kurt Harrison

The Rota Shop on Victoria St is a 5/5 star business. The customer services are top notch (Very friendly, knowledgeable and straightforward.). They also always stocked with prices on something 1/2 of the price of what you would get it for at another Hamilton shop.

Excellent Business would recommend to anyone.

Luke Clark

Absolutley love Rota, always good vibes and their always up for a good chat. Must say i have a favourite store employee hahaha defenitley would recommend.

Dominique Oosthuizen

Love you guys!! Awesome peps, highly recommended!!

Kylie Marie

awesome, nice quick and friendly service,

Richie Yrau
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